vendredi 13 avril 2007

In The Skin Of Summer

Sethwas creating a BD of the OC. Zach my boyfriend want to Seth work with me on this project. He wanted Seth to draw me better , then I accepted to pose for him even if my ex-boyfriend and I want to forget him. I don't know what happened to me but, at first, when Seth was trying to move my face, my arm, etc, I didn't feel anything. But a few minute later, I looked what Seth drew, and then I started to draw something. Seth took my hand and I looked at him, then I suddenly wanted to kiss him!!!! .I was close, but he told me he had to go. What happened to me? In the evening, he came to my house again and told me, we had to work separately. I said ok. But Zach came to my house and told us were going to travel together for make the BD. That meant I was going to be with Seth (my ex-boyfriend I had a crush on again) and with Zach(my new boyfriend)What am I going to do?

dimanche 25 mars 2007


My name is Marissa Cowper, when my boyfriend Ryan went on a trip; I was attacked by his brother: Trey. Before Ryan went, he asked me to help Trey to find a job and I said yes. So I helped him, and he found a job. To thank me, Trey invited me to watch a movie, during the evening, Trey got drunk. We decided to go out for a walk, and he tried to kiss me. I hope that Ryan won’t know what happened.My step-father is dead and I don’t think my mother is very sad because she doesn’t really love him; she always loved my dad who came for the burial. Tonight my mother and him told me that we will re-form a family with my dad, my mom, my sister and I.. I am very happy; at the same time my cell phone started ringing! It was Seth, he told me that Ryan knew about Trey and he went to Trey’s house. I had to stop him. I arrived at Trey’s house. I saw Trey fight Ryan, I thought he would kill him, I tried to help Ryan but Trey knocked me down. I saw a gun beside me, I took it and I shot. Oh my god, I think he is dead, I think I killed him.

vendredi 23 février 2007

The Sno.C

Marissa organized a big party called The Sno.C. Marissa asked
Ryan to go with her. He accepted , but he wanted to wanted with Lindsay.
Lindsay didn’t want to go with Ryan because she didn't want to lose their friendship.
Plus Alex said to Seth that the kiss they had, was nothing. So Seth went
with Summer to the party, where one her partners Zach becames jealous of
Seth because he saw Summer and Seth together. But when the party
started everything changed. Marissa was finally going with D.J. Ryan
went to see Lindsay and tell her his feeling for her. Zach finally realized
that there was nothing with Seth and Summer Sandy wanted to learn more
about Renee Wheleer and the reason why she had been giving some money to
Caleb for the last sixteen years.

The power of love (season II)

It was the 20th wedding anniversary of Kirsten and Sandy Cohen. Sandy decided at the last moment to invite his wife to go to the hotel for a romantic week-end. But his plan was disturbed by Seth and Ryan. Actually, since Seth started going out with Alex, he had changed. He disobeyed his parents, and they were very anxious. While Ryan and Kirsten’s sister, Lindsay were flirting, Kirsten overheard them. After that, she immediately cancelled her romantic week-end with Sandy, because she did not want to leave her sons alone this week-end. But Sandy, helped by Ryan, Seth and Alex, found a way to make a surprise to Kirsten for their anniversary. At the same times Summer, after a misunderstanding, with her boyfriend, Zach met for a dinner Zach’s family. It was very horrible and Summer thought Zach wished to break up with her because she was too different from his family. He reassured her and explained to Summer that it was because of differences between her and his family, that he loved her. Dj broke up with Marissa because he noticed that it was to make her mother angry that she stayed as a couple with him.

mercredi 21 février 2007

The O.C (Orange County)

The TV program I chose is The O.C.This program talks about a
sixteen years old teenager, Ryan Atwood (a bad boy). First of all, Ryan was
living in a poor district, but he didn't stay in that district too
long because his mother told him to leave the house. So, he went to live
with Sandy and her family at Orange County in California,
a rich city. But Ryan should not look at the apparence of that city
because jealousy, money, family anger and betrayal are in the game.

vendredi 9 février 2007

The O.C: introduction

I chose this program because there is always some new development and so, it is not just for one kind of person it’s for everybody. The story takes place in Newport Beach a rich area of California. The main character is Ryan Atwood. Ryan is a guy of Chino a poor area of California who after being arrested by the police, was abandoned by his mother, and adopted by Cohen’s family. Cohen’s family is the family of Ryan’s lawyer, and a rich family of Newport Beach. Ryan found in this family his best friend: Seth Cohen. Seth is the only child of Cohen’s family; he never had any friend before Ryan in Newport. The arrival of Ryan disrupted many things in the life of people in Newport Beach, like Marissa Cooper one of the most popular girls in her school who fell in love with Ryan. Ryan’s life changed in Newport Beach and his challenge is to adapt to his new life.